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  The association fights AIDS i.e. SIDA by alerting healthy people. It advises them of the precautions to be taken to prevent acquiring the disease, explains to them the ways that help spreading of this disease to other persons and the dangers that follow. It also explains to them the methods of avoiding this disease.

The Association had the chance to gather hundreds of volunteers helping it in all the activities.

It assembled hundreds of friends with a yearly contribution amounted to 24,000L.L.

It prepared and distributed until now more than 500,000 awakening brochures, and red ribbons (symbol of kindness to AIDS patients) in schools, universities, and churches, after getting the permission from the concerned sides.
It organized conferences in more than 100 schools, universities and congregations.
It generalized an SMS through the cell phone to remind people of the World AIDS Day, and stimulate them to help sick people and to be kind to them by hooking the red ribbon in this Day, to perform voluntary service to support them in association with Anwar Al Mahabba Association.
It organized an orientation campaign on the World AIDS Day on the 1st. of December, 2003 and 1st of December 2004, after taking the permission of competent authorities, which will be repeated annually on the same date.
It took care of homeless minors children during Christmas time and offered them presents and clothes and spent a whole day with them.
It communicated with the different Lebanese religions in order to be opened and to help each others.
It arranged 40 orientation interviews through the media - televisions, radio stations, newspapers and magazines. It opened the opportunity for the patients to give live testimonies.
It organized a charity annual dinner on 20th of March 2004, in Hotel Crown Plaza, and on 1st of October 2005, at Aquarium Hotel, to support AIDS patients.
It farmed out a theatre play on May 2004, in support of AIDS patients.
It has inaugurated a dental clinic for AIDS patients. This ceremony was supported by his Excellency Al Walid Bin Talal's Foundation. The clinic was inaugurated by head of dentists Prof. Elias Maalouf, in the presence of representatives of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Army Commander, Interior Security, Head of Hospitals, and personalities of different regions and a great number of information media. The clinic started receiving patients on the 1st of December 2004, i.e. World AIDS Day, and presently is receiving its patients gratis.
It organized a workshop to prepare cultured people, about sexually transmitted diseases and contagious AIDS virus on 15-16-17 July 2005, in Franciscan Sisters Center Mariam Badaro, supported and supervised by the National Aids Program. Twenty lecturers were graduated.
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