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Besides directly helping patients by providing financial and moral support, the Association is also extensively active in the fight against AIDS. It provides awareness campaigns on how the infection can be transmitted and how to prevent its spread.

The Association was able to mobilize hundreds of people who contribute each the amount of 25,000 LBP every year.
In solidarity with AIDS patients, the Association produces annually more than 300 thousand awareness brochures and distributes the red ribbon (international AIDS symbol) at schools, universities and places of worships.
On December 1st of every year, the Association launches an SMS campaign on the occasion of AIDS World Day to raise donations and mobilize the public.
The Association uses the mass media to create awareness among the public and call for donations. This has proved successful ever since and the association launches an extensive awareness campaign every year on World AIDS Day.
Every year, the Association organizes a training workshop on sexually transmitted diseases and the HIV/AIDS infection.  As a result, lecturers on AIDS and AIDS prevention are adequately trained every to deliver awareness lectures and workshops at schools, universities, parishes and others.
The Association promotes dialogue and cooperation between all Lebanese religious groups.  It also givse AIDS patients the opportunity to come forward and share their experiences and testimonials.
The Association gives interviews to radio and television stations and newspapers every year.
The Association organizes a yearly fund-raising venue in support of AIDS patients, in addition to other functions such as plays and painting exhibitions.
The Association receives AIDS patients for free at the dental clinic that was inaugurated in 2004 by a generous donation from Al Waleed Ben Talal Foundation.  The inauguration was attended by representatives of the ministries of health and social affairs, the army’s commander in chief, as well as other prominent figures, and with extensive media coverage.
The Association provides financial, moral and social support to AIDS patients and their families.
The Association looks after for locked up AIDS patients.  Sister Layla, the Association’s spiritual caretaker has been in charge of this mission since August 2004.
The Association helps the unprivileged children by offering gifts and other in-kind contributions on holiday seasons and special occasions.
Dealing with patients

The Association maintains the privacy of all the patients who seek its assistance

The Association helps the jobless patients to find employment opportunities.  In the meantime, it provides them with financial support.
Makes treatment available when there is lack at the Ministry of Health
Makes AIDS-specific blood tests such as CD4/CD8 available as per the physician’s instructions
Assume the medical consultation fees for jobless patients and covers hospitalization fees that are not covered by the National Social Security Fund.
Based on a medical prescription, the Association supplies its patients with the regular medications that are not provided by the Ministry of Health.
Offers in-kind contributions to needy patients as per the resources available to the Association.
The spiritual caretaker pays regular visits to AIDS patients and their families.
The spiritual caretaker visits locked up AIDS patients in prisons once a week.
The Association receives the patients at its dental clinic 100% free of charge.
The Association provides for patients and is always open to receive any new patient.
Future Perspectives

The Association will continue to promote AIDS awareness among the youth, particularly in terms of prevention and how to deal with patients.  It will also seek to mobilize more members so as to secure a monthly amount of donations.

The Association plans to establish a handicraft workshop for AIDS patients in order to help them feel useful and productive, and at the same time, generate more funds for the Association.
The Association also plans to secure a place whereby all homeless patients can find shelter during the transitional period that precedes their rehabilitation and re-integration into society.
The Association intends to establish a project that would create jobs for the patients and generate funds for the Association.
The Association would like to thank all those who provide it with their financial and moral support.  The Association shall remain a humanitarian organization that does not discriminate between races or religions.
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